Google Doodle Celebrating Pani Puri

1. Google Doodle Pays Flavorful Tribute to India’s Beloved Street Food Pani Puri

Google Doodle through a unique interactive game Renowned search giant Google today paid homage to India’s beloved street food, “Pani Puri,”. This game allows users to assist a street vendor in fulfilling orders of Pani Puri by selecting from various flavors to satisfy each customer’s preferences for taste and quantity.

In a Remarkable Achievement, Indore Restaurant Delights Customers with 51 Exquisite Varieties of Pani Puri, Securing a Coveted Position in the prestigious Golden Book of World Records.

Google has presented this delightful Pani Puri game doodle, describing it as “a popular South Asian street food consisting of a crispy shell filled with potatoes, chickpeas, spices, or chilies and flavored water.”

“The immersive interactive game doodle honors Pani Puri, an emblematic street delicacy of South Asia that tantalizes taste buds with its crunchy shell brimming with a delectable blend of potatoes, chickpeas, aromatic spices, zesty chilies, and refreshing flavored water, offering a culinary delight to all.” wrote Google.


Within the interactive game doodle, players can help a street vendor fulfill Pani Puri orders. Any street vendor team can participate by assisting in fulfilling Pani Puri orders through the interactive Google Doodle. You can choose different types of Puri that cater to each customer’s taste and preference, ensuring their satisfaction and earning points.

Steps to play the game:

  1. Go to google.comon your web browser.
  2. Locate the doodle displayed just above the search bar.
  3. Click on the doodle to access the game.
  4. Choose your preferred mode: Timed or Relaxed.
  5. Start assisting in fulfilling Pani Puri orders by clicking on the appropriate Pani Puri flavor.

Origin and regional variations of Pani Puri:

According to legend, Pani Puri was first invented by Draupadi during the Mahabharata era. The story goes that when Draupadi became the wife of the Pandavas, they were living in exile with limited resources. Draupadi’s mother-in-law, Kunti, instructed her to create something using the remaining potatoes and wheat flour that could satisfy the hunger of all five Pandavas. Draupadi made a dish that was a small-sized Pani Puri, which helped satiate the hunger of the Pandavas.

Street food exhibits a delightful array of regional adaptations, featuring diverse names as it traverses different corners of the country. In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, Pani Puri is a symbol of “bite-sized street food,” typically consisting of boiled chickpeas, white peas, and spiced water-soaked in puffed wheat.

In the northern states of India, such as Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, and Delhi, there is a delightful street food known as Gol Gappa. It’s a small snack filled with potatoes and delicious tamarind-infused water.¬†Similarly, in parts of West Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand, street food is known as Puchka or Fuchka, which primarily features a hollow crispy shell filled with tamarind paste.

While there are numerous fillings and flavors to cater to unique palates, two things are universally agreed upon: consuming Pani Puri quickly to prevent the shell from becoming soggy and enjoying it in a single bite to avoid any messiness. It’s a delightful indulgence indeed.



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